HOPE for people

As youths of Maldives we have to keep an eye on the changing world, China is not only building up stronger ties with Maldievs, it is also shifting the world powers. While You were all busy talking about huge constructions done by Chinese, our group kept an eye on many other things of China. Since the biggest power in the world always seems to have an impact on the lives and culture of other small nations, We thought that we should keep a keen eye on the going-to-be-world super power, because Her culture and customs is what which will influence our future generation. One thing related to the topic highlighted above is the new censorship regulations of people’s republic of China. Less then 24 hrs ago China released its new regulations under a cultural crackdown on “vulgar, immoral and unhealthy content”, where government has banned media contents they believed to exaggerate on “dark sides of a society”. These include suggestions and scenes of homosexuality, incest, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse and violence. It also ban on showing relationships outside wedlock and one night stands. The ban also extends to smoking, drinking, adultery, sexually suggestive clothing and even reincarnation. The ban is not only on local movies and tv programs but also extended to international movies/programs showed in China.

This is the first time in a very long time that a “developed/developing nation” which majority of the rest world look up to bring such strict Rules on moral and social values of the society. Seems like China stand out to challenge the old held belief “we have to give away our moral-values for economic growth”. Is this in anyway important to us? How is it related to us? It is, because unlike what we have seen earlier, today there is a super power (second in the world) that actually holds similar beliefs as us, this change give hope to people like me who ones Believed there is no way to move forward while holding to our Islamic values. It will give courage to many nations like ours to “stay on our way”, to withhold moral values passed on to us by our ancestors. I think it’s safe to say that tv and laptops ain’t Dajal’s, it is what’s fed on it and who does it that is “Da’jalistic”. We are living on a special time in the history of earth, witnessing a super power shift from Europe to Asia, a shift which we should keep ourselves informed of, a change which we are hoping will bring us and everyone else in the world nothing but good!

Note: This is not a promotional writing for China but a note of HOPE for people who strive to bring back the “Rivethi Akhulaagu” which we were made to trade in the name of development, democracy or whatever other buzz words fed to us on a daily basis.

Thank You