My Prison is Your Freedom (Part 2 of 2)

Golden questions for the exceptional US:

Who claims to accept and defend the law that it doesn’t ratify and abide by?

Who repeatedly starts wars without any regard for international laws, threatening not only sovereignty of independent states, but also “Freedom of Navigation” in international waters and airspace?

Who repeatedly forcibly board to inspect commercial ships in international waters?

Who repeatedly disregards territorial waters and airspace of sovereign states in its regular patrols?

Who initiates drawing up ADIZs that limit “Freedom of Navigation”?

Who maintains sizable military bases that threaten every cubic meter of international water and airspace in every region of the world?

Who is the biggest Asian country with the world’s largest population? And,

Who is provoking this country in the name of defending much of Asia?

Who endorses itself to police the world?

Who has the shame to openly claim to have accepted and be justified in defending the very law that it doesn’t ratify?

Whenever I heard cliche about the independent judicial system in the US, it immediately would remind me of the Iraq invasion based on disinformation, ’08 Credit crisis, Snowden, Nixon “Watergate”, Civil rights movement, Guantanamo Bay torture camp and JFK assassination, etc…

Is this the “Rule of Law”, under an independent Justice system?

In the words of former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, “Freedom’s untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things – stuff happens.”

Yet, He described China as a country ”we hope and pray enters the civilized world in an orderly way.”

Hmmm…So, He was admitting himself that “Freedom” and “Civilization” cannot coexist, or that the “Free World” is actually uncivilized?

A White House official says US troops will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere that international law allows

Should China deploy military installations anywhere that international law allows, too?

Should China have instead deployed its fighter jets and bombers, along with its much touted DF-21 anti-ship ballistic missiles instead?

Given that the US aims to continue squeezing the safe operational space of the PLA out of Hainan, a newly developed major strategic Chinese military base as part of the effort to counter the highly offensive American “Pivot to Asia”, what else do you expect?

Should China just sit by and watch as the US military was engaging in forward deployment upon its doorsteps, thereby gravely undermining its national security? The security of world’s second largest, if not largest ECONOMY? The security of 1.4 Billion people?