Congratulations for been elected as a member of the steering committee of Belt and Road NGO Cooperation Network

Victor Ponta, former prime minister of Romania is one of the greatest academic and speaker on the rise of China, the Belt and Road and the impact it will on Nations along the route.

Victor’s political experience and his great insight into the global political and economical shift has allowed him to understand the Belt and Road more than anyone else. Young people like myself, spent great deal of time going through his work and his speeches to have a better understanding of the real impact of the Belt and Road.

Today, His work is recognized and appreciated both by China and Nations across the globe. Victor is one of the leading mind behind the Belt and Road NGO Cooperation Network and His place is the steering committee is well deserved! On behalf of myself and our organization, I congratulate Him and It was indeed an honor for me to be able to meet him in person and I look forward to meet him again!